The Tarot, an introduction

When you ask people about a reaction to the practice of Tarot, the usual response is something like:

How can a deck of cards possibly be able to tell you anything about anything at all?

That makes me laugh a little inside myself, because I too, once, had great doubts about tarot being something “real”, but as I found out during my extensive studies in occult, Satanism and secret societies, the tarot can actually make a true difference in the way one perceives and deals with life. In this introduction to the Tarot, I’m going to explain exactly why.

Origins of the Tarot

Visconti Sforza Italian tarot deckThe origin of the mighty tarot is actually a big mystery. We know of Tarot being extensively used in Italy in the 1400’s as a popular communal card game. Wealthy patrons of those days had stunning decks of Tarot cards being made / commissioned and some of those still exist such as the Visconti-Sforza which was created in the yea, This is one of the earliest most complete Western deck of Tarot cards.


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