the Bush family

Right now, the power in America and in many parts of the globe is concentrated in the hands of a few rich individuals like the mighty Bush family.

George Bush @ Yale (Baseball team)
George Bush @ Yale (Baseball team)

George Bush Sr.’s legacy goes like this : Graduated Yale in the Skull and Bones fraternity in 1948, went into the U.S. Airforce, got shot down and was played up in the press as a war hero, becomes owner of Zapata Off-shore Oil, which controls the largest fleet of oil tankers off the coast of Kuwait, and drills for oil in Kuwait, Saudi and secretly Iraqi territory. Becomes director of the CIA, working to introduce cocaine and heroin in large part to America, is made Director of Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals by Dan Quayle’s Father (Lilly produces precursor chemicals used in cocaine production), sits on the board of First Interstate Bank, Puralator Shipping, and Texas Gulf (Fertilizers and pesticides to grow the Cocaine with), then becomes Vice-President, Drug Czar (during this time cocaine influx into the U.S. increased by over 2000 %), President and declares war on the American people (and the Bill of Rights) through a phony drug war.

George Bush then cleverly fooled the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein (

Saddam Hussein Gulf war Iraq invades Kuwait in 1990
Saddam Hussein Gulf war Iraq invades Kuwait in 1990

Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti) (with the more then generous assistance of the Sheikh leaders of Kuwait), into Iraq attacking JKuwait, creating the opportunity to attack Iraq in the 6 years prior pre-orchestrated Operation Desert Storm (The main reason was Zapata Oil’s expanded drilling in deeper Iraqi territory could not be hidden much more longer) so that he could declare war under a U.N. Mandate.

He strengthened the U.N. even further and hiked up oil prices, then before leaving office, signing into law a secret Telecommunications Bill requiring the switch-over of all Federal and Bank phone lines to Fiber Optic for the purpose of electronic funds transfer as required by law in the year 2000, from which onwards cash and checks were no longer legal tender. Bet you never knew about that!

And that’s just one episode of the Bush rule, he also has brothers and sons (remember George Bush Jr. who continued the Iraq war?!) who are almost all Skull and Bones members and most do politics as well.

Neil Bush (Silverado Savings and Loan), Jed Bush and there are many many other Bush’s awaiting their turn. It is probably no coincidence that the Harriman and Bush families both have a history in Eugenics or race purification and Genetic Selective Breeding. They will propagate their own young on the planet because they can afford it, while sitting back and deciding which countries can have how many children per family.

Notable Bush-family members:


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