Families & people

The identities of many deciding / ruling personalities are unknown, and that’s how they intend it to be, and stay. For one, U.S. presidents aren’t at the very top. They are either second degree illuminati with partly own permitted agendas, or not affiliated to the masonry / illuminati in any way, in which case they get hefty resistance or in some cases even get “eliminated”.

The very top level (under the all-seeing eye) are the royals:

  • Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom (Chair / World Monarch)
  • Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands (vice-chair and chair of Bilderberg, now retired as Queen)
  • Pope Francis of the Holy See (vice-chair and head of the Catholic Church)
  • King Carl Gustaf of Sweden
  • Queen Margrethe of Denmark
  • Otto von Habsburg
  • Emperor Akihito of Japan
  • King Abdullah of Jordan
  • Emir Sabah al Ahmad of Kuwait (limited)
  • Grand Duke Henry of Luxembourg
  • Prince Hans Adam of Liechtenstein
  • Prince Albert of Monaco
  • King Harald of Norway
  • King Salman bin Abdul’aziz of Saudi Arabia
  • King Felipe of Spain


J.P. Morgan
J.P. Morgan

Big name families we are tought to be the foundation of modern United States, such as Rockefellers and J.P. Morgan, were in reality, even in their time, not the main (decicion making) powers in America. Thoug, these people were (insane) highly paid agents, frontmen and spokespeople for the ones with almost absolute power. Which doesn’t mean that people like Rockefeller and Morgan had no power at all, as a second (crown counsil), third (committee of 300) or sometimes even fourth (think tank) degree in the hyrarchy or “pyramid” one is still heavenly influential and most of all rich.


Henry Ford
Henry Ford

Henry Ford, who personally built his company up without any help from the established, resigned from the Ford Foundation citing an inability to maintain control over affairs.

The Rockefeller foundation ties into and controls the American Medical Association and the public educational system through textbook publishing. The Rockefeller family got started with the help of the Harriman family, the Whitneys (Eli Whitney‘s family) and Standard Oil of New York (SONY), which is now ExxonMobil, after Royal Dutch Shell the second most valuable corporation in the world.

They have a lot of influence, even today. All of the founding fathers of this nation were Masons as well as almost all of the presidents.


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