Chip implants, how to detect them and how to de-activate them safely

It’s a grewsome fact, and despite that the majority of people is not aware of this, most of us really actually have been implanted with chips or tracking devices in some way or another since we were born.

How do chip Implants get into our body?

Vaccinations and flu shots, dentist visits, surgery, “alien abductions” are just a few ways we get these nano-chips or micro-chips inside of us, unknowingly!

In fact, I can reveal that most western medication contains auto-implanting nano-chips, ever since the late 70’s and they (the Illuminati have had access to this technology for over 40 years. Only in the past few years this has come out. Continue reading


The pedophilia network of Clinton / Bush / Epstein / Vatican / Queen Elizabeth

George Bush child sex slave network
George Bush child sex slave network

The Vatican-run pedophilia child sex slavery rings that are actively used to keep the leaders and rulers of the world loyal to the Illuminati, the crown and the Vatican are now more exposed then ever, to the critical point where even the mainstream media can no longer cover up their very own involvement in these horrible pedophile networks.

Even now, when the British BBC as well as PM David Cameron, Queen Elizabeth and almost all high ranking people in the British government, continue to be exposed in ever greater ways. Pope Ratzinger remains, to this day, a fugitive from justice within the Holy See / Vatican City. The latest scandals explode at this very moment, directly tying the British Monarchy’s child molestation network to US gov’t officials and the 13 royal bloodlines.

Bill Clinton has been explicitly named more then a dozen times in Jeffrey Epstein’s phone book, the billionaire who was convicted on multiple counts of pedophilia and child abuse and was only put behind “bars” for 13 months for crimes that would normally get you in jail for 20 to 30 years.

Behind the scenes another child molester, George W. Bush, was responsible for stopping Epstein’s being held accountable for those horrific child-rape crimes.

George Bush Jr’s child sex slave network

George Bush’s dad was as Bush Jr. was, a U.S. president, his grandfather was a US Senator and wealthy banker, and his mom is a oure blueblood. The Bush’s are all Skull and Bones, members of the Church of Satan and Bohemians. All of these societies are actively involved in sexual child abuse, child slavery and rape. For many decades the Bush family has been on the forefront of these three networks.

United States being invaded by the Chinese from Southern border

Shocking Fox News report: US borders are leak, and that’s good news for the Chinese spy agency!

Chinese spys infiltrate on US soul through Mexico

From the Mexican – US border, that are literally WIDE OPEN, illegal immigrants enjoy a welcoming clear passage into the United States of America. You would probably assume Mexicans and other Latinos but the truth is… These illegal immigrants are for a large part CHINESE SPY GROUPS! Watch the video:

Hitler was Jewish

Hitler was a Jew Rothschild bastard son

Adolf Hitler’s father, Alois Hitler, was in fact an illegitimate (bastard) child of Baron de Rothschild and Maria Anna Schicklgruber. In effect, this means that

Adolf Hitler was a jew

…at least half-blood since the Rothschild’s are a Ashkenazi Jewish bloodline to start with. And even though the Hitler side was outcasted by the Rothschild’s, they still financed large parts of the Nazi regime. After the war, Baron de Rothschild founded the nation of Israel, for which World War 2 was intended.

Adolf Rothschild Hitler
Adolf Rothschild Hitler

The name Hiter

So how did Alois Hitler actually get his last name “Hitler”? Well, his adoptive father was Johann Georg Hiedler. When “Alois Rothschild turned 40 he changed his name to Hitler as ordered so by the Rothschild family because the Rothschild bloodline must always remain pure. Adolf tried, on a number of occasions, to convince the Rothschild family to allow him to reinstate his name to Adolf Rothschild, yet the family categorily denied his request.

The Rothschild bloodline and extensions

The wealthiest bloodline in the world are the Rothschild family, for decades. The Rothschilds have obtained this position through lies, threats, deception, manipulation and murder. The Rothschild bloodline also extends into many European royal families, and the following families: Astor, Bertelsmann, Bundy, the Bush family, the Collins, the DuPont family, Freeman, Hitler, Kennedy, Morgan, Oppenheimer, Rockefeller, Sassoon, Schiff, Taft and van Duyn.

iwatch to administer drugs

iWatchIt has been known for much longer that the new Apple iWatch, like the iPhone and many other smartphones, tracks our location and in some cases our heartbeat, being used by the Illuminati as a crowd control device. but in the past few days new reports reveal that the all new ‘wearable technology gadged’ hq in fact capable of adminisering chemical component mixturers / drugs to any wearer of the smart device at will of the population control agencies of the governments and new world order, allowing them to feed you with drugs at their will at any time suited necessary to them. There are also earlier reports available claiming that the iWatch was awaiting FDA approval for being able to monitor bloodsugar- and sweat levels.

These revelations come at a critical time in human when we are preparing ourselves for the huge worldwide chaotic events that are on the doorstep of mankind, starting to
unfold on 23 september 2015.

Mohammed was not a prophet, he was a mass-murderer, rapist and pedophile

The Muhammad that so many Muslims follow as “their prophet”, the same guy that might get a bounty on your head by the Islamic world if you would only depict him, was born in Mecca and lived most of his warly life as an outcast because of his strong ideologies.

He finally got fed up with this and moved to Medina, as we now know being the capitol of radical Islam. Back then it was, similar to Mecca, a peacefull and plural society. Muhammed though accomplished in finding there a handful of radical totalitarian and brutal individuals with whom he managed to, over time, brainwash and split local society with fear and lies. Islam was born.

Muhammed, after having expanded the violent, repressing ideology of the Islam, returned to Mecca with his army of murderers and was now also able to conquer his hometown.

What we know about Mohammed from the Quran and other old testaments is that he personally beheaded at least a few dozen people who refused to “believe in his word”. As well many cases of brutal rape by Muhammed are known, and in particular with children as young as 8 or 9 years old.

This man is the example for most Muslims!

The United States of America Corp and Federal Reserve Corp.

Unoted States of America Ltd Corp Certificare od Existence
Unoted States of America Ltd Corp Certificare od Existence

The United Stated of America is officially NOT a country but a CORPORATION which is located in the district of Columbia and each U.S. citizen is registered as a FRANCHISE of the United States of America Corp., identified by a unique social security number.

This corporation is a private enterprise with a handful of stakeholders including British Queen Elizabeth (who is as well the Illuminati world monarch), the Rhodes family, the Rothschild family, the Rockfeller family and several other Illuminati top figures. These people are the “board members” and shareholders. The chief executive is the elected President of the United States, which means that the US president is not the most powerful person and his actions/decisions can always be scrutinized and reversed.

Another private enterprise is the United States Federal Reserve which was created under influence of British Masonry. Cecil Rhodes made a huge fortune from diamond mining and trade in South Africa. Hundreds of millions of dollars were made there and then placed into a trust in his will to be used solely to finance the creation of secret masonry societies for the furtherance of Anglo-Saxon rulership in the New World Order (Illuminati) and the eventual recapture of the United States for Britain through the creation of a central bank in America (Federal Reserve). Continue reading