The pedophilia network of Clinton / Bush / Epstein / Vatican / Queen Elizabeth

George Bush child sex slave network
George Bush child sex slave network

The Vatican-run pedophilia child sex slavery rings that are actively used to keep the leaders and rulers of the world loyal to the Illuminati, the crown and the Vatican are now more exposed then ever, to the critical point where even the mainstream media can no longer cover up their very own involvement in these horrible pedophile networks.

Even now, when the British BBC as well as PM David Cameron, Queen Elizabeth and almost all high ranking people in the British government, continue to be exposed in ever greater ways. Pope Ratzinger remains, to this day, a fugitive from justice within the Holy See / Vatican City. The latest scandals explode at this very moment, directly tying the British Monarchy’s child molestation network to US gov’t officials and the 13 royal bloodlines.

Bill Clinton has been explicitly named more then a dozen times in Jeffrey Epstein’s phone book, the billionaire who was convicted on multiple counts of pedophilia and child abuse and was only put behind “bars” for 13 months for crimes that would normally get you in jail for 20 to 30 years.

Behind the scenes another child molester, George W. Bush, was responsible for stopping Epstein’s being held accountable for those horrific child-rape crimes.

George Bush Jr’s child sex slave network

George Bush’s dad was as Bush Jr. was, a U.S. president, his grandfather was a US Senator and wealthy banker, and his mom is a oure blueblood. The Bush’s are all Skull and Bones, members of the Church of Satan and Bohemians. All of these societies are actively involved in sexual child abuse, child slavery and rape. For many decades the Bush family has been on the forefront of these three networks.


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