Chip implants, how to detect them and how to de-activate them safely

It’s a grewsome fact, and despite that the majority of people is not aware of this, most of us really actually have been implanted with chips or tracking devices in some way or another since we were born.

How do chip Implants get into our body?

Vaccinations and flu shots, dentist visits, surgery, “alien abductions” are just a few ways we get these nano-chips or micro-chips inside of us, unknowingly!

In fact, I can reveal that most western medication contains auto-implanting nano-chips, ever since the late 70’s and they (the Illuminati have had access to this technology for over 40 years. Only in the past few years this has come out. Withholding the existence and use of certain technology is typical as well as critical for the “world government” and despite the fact that most of the time such new technologies do proof to be beneficial to mankind, if used for the right purposes, chip implants are not at all. Why you may wonder? Well, chip implants are merely in existence to compliment the New World Order, allowing them to track and control us.

Governmental chip Implant programs coming to light

There is a lot of leaked or stolen top-secret information about various cutting edge technologies our governments developed, use and withhold from the and as more and more info leaks into society, they seem to have chosen to slowly release some of these ideas and try to sell those concepts to us as being a “new” technological breakthrough and the most awesome thing next to Gouda cheese!. Yet these, often RFID chips will harm you in great ways and affect your life severely. They could even kill you on command, for instance by short-circuit shock or chemical poisoning.

Monarch mind control through chip Implants

Mind control black operation projects already existed long before the chip implants were developed. Especially in the aftermaths of the second world war, the Illuminati relocated thousands of Adolf Hitler’s top scientists to the United States and Canada, in what is known as “Operation Paperclip” in order to facilitate / run top secret, classified projects on mind control. Known projects that were a result of Operation Paperclip include MK ULTRA and Monarch mind control. These hidden projects would eventually be exposed over many years from various victims as well as scientists who managed to escape.

Many of these top secret projects are still ongoing and tie in with the chip implant technology as well as trauma-based programming and other Illuminati mind control methods.

The Illuminati-led governments have been learning how to manipulate and control the masses for decades if not centuries. Biblical theology would refer to this mind control practice as being witchcraft and voodoo but by the new world order it is seen as an advancement and technological breakthroughs that on the flip side is preparing the way for mass manipulation of this entire rock.

By combining mind control with chip implantation the Illuminati was able to successfully produce the “Manchurians”. They master the ability to turn a “normal” person, such as Mark David Chapman, Lee Harvey Oswald, Timothy McVeigh or Lee Malvo into murdering slaves by manipulating them to either take the blame or actually serve as assassins.

Mind control chip implant developments

Are many serial killers and assassins under government mind control? Bet the hell yes! In fact, most of those whp are involved in grewsome hideous crimes have under hypnosis reaffirmed stories of chip implantations, abductions, missing time, or hearing voices, which is typical of being a so-called “MILAB” or military lab rat.

Technical details about implantable chips state that they are in most earlier cases (up until the early 90’s) two way transistor-radio chips. Over the years the labs have perfected them from being mere tracking devices to being actually able to completely influence the subject by communicating directly to the brain and influence the subject’s actions as if they were robots. Through these newer chips they also can read the subject’s thoughts, hear what they hear and even see what they see.

How to remove / deactivate mind control chips / implants and protect yourself against tracking and mind manipulation

So after all that bad news, let us focus on what we can do about it, how to protect your mind from mind control chips and tracking chips. We are actually able to fairly easily deactivate most mind control chips that have innocently / secretly been implanted in our bodies, even those chips that are there from the time we have been born.

You don’t even have to buy some kind of expensive “frequency readers” to determine whether you have been chipped or not. Actually, if you believe in Yahweh, a call upon the Lord is the only thing you need!


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